A Trend of Trends

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One of the things I ask our Chapter Consultants to do after they visit a chapter is to provide me with an overall assessment of how the chapter is trending… upwards, downwards, or sideways.

They take many factors into consideration when they make this assessment, so I won’t try to get into that here. Although to a large degree it’s a subjective measurement, it’s still helpful for me to see.

I like to look at each one, but even more importantly I like to look at the macro level, to see how DKE is doing as a whole. Sort of like looking for a trend of trends.

So far this academic year it’s looking really good; of the 51 chapters we’ve visited, we see 34 trending upwards, 2 trending downwards, and 15 in a sideways trend.

It’s good to see such a strong trend of chapters trending upwards.

That’s really what it’s all about for a Deke Chapter, for DKE International – for just about any organization. Always be moving in the right direction, always be improving something. Even strong chapters (organizations) have some room to improve. When’s the last time you heard someone say “Hey, let’s be equally good as last year?” Not too often do you hear that. Most people in an organization – if they believe in the organization – have a strong desire to always be improving in some aspect of their performance.

Sometimes changes happens “overnight,” other times it takes while. A lot of that depends on how big the change is that’s happening. But as long as you’re moving in the right direction, people are more motivated, they’re having fun, they feel they’re part of a winning team and that there’s a reward for the hard work they’re doing.

Great job by our Deke Chapters for moving in the right direction.


Doug Lanpher

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