Mission Statement

DKE strives to develop a culture and an expectation of​ undergraduate​ chapters who perform in the top tier of fraternities at their institutions​;​ and a vibrant network of ​alumni who are motivated to stay involved with the fraternity after graduation.

We will do this by providing our undergraduates with the leadership​ skills, and the operational resources they need, to excel in today’s Greek environment; and by developing alumni networking programs which are relevant and engaging, and are beneficial to both alumni and undergraduates.

Vision Statement

To be a highly respected fraternity, located at premier institutions, focused on excellent chapter performance, populated with men of distinction whose behavior is exemplary in all respects, who go on to become leaders in their chosen fields of endeavor, and who personify the motto created by our Founding Fathers, “Gentlemen, Scholars, and Jolly Good-Fellows.”

DKE Staff

  • Doug Lanpher Executive Director

    Vanderbilt University
    Gamma ’77

  • James “Trey” A. Robb III Director of Member Services
  • Turner Spears Director of Administrative Services

    University of Tennessee
    Lambda Tau ’16

  • Craig Dick Director of Alumni Services

    University of British Columbia
    Phi Alpha ’12

  • Dustin Stewart Assistant Director of Chapter Services
  • Cody Hike Senior Coordinator of Education
  • DKE Headquarters Not Sure Who to Contact?

DKE Board of Directors

  • Mason Morjikian
    Mason Morjikian Chairman

    Kenyon College
    Lambda ’88

  • Greg Miarecki
    Greg Miarecki Vice Chairman

    University of Chicago
    Delta Delta ’94

  • Ron Li
    Ron Li Treasurer
  • Charles Jones
    Charles Jones Honorary President

    University of Virginia
    Eta ’56

  • Craig Lengyel
    Craig Lengyel Honorary President

    Vanderbilt University
    Gamma ’89

  • Neilson Brown
    Neilson Brown

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Beta ’67

  • Cory Crenshaw
    Cory Crenshaw

    Tulane University
    Tau Lambda ’01

  • Semmes Favrot
    Semmes Favrot

    University of Alabama
    Psi ’92

  • Dave Helverson
    Dave Helverson

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Delta Pi ‘ 81

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson

    Virginia Tech
    Sigma Alpha ’77

  • Stan McMillan
    Stan McMillan

    Vanderbilt University
    Gamma ’89

  • John McNeil
    John McNeil

    The University of Alabama
    Psi ’79

  • Kevin O’Bryon
    Kevin O’Bryon

    Tulane University
    Tau Lambda ’77

  • Michael Peters
    Michael Peters

    The University of Chicago
    Delta Delta ’90

  • Terry Stewart
    Terry Stewart

    Rutgers University
    Phi Chi ’69

  • Peter Tripp
    Peter Tripp

    Syracuse University
    Phi Gamma ’93

DKE Parents Information

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Please contact Director of Alumni Services, Craig Dick, at craig@dke.org.

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