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DKE Property Group

About DKE Property Group (DPG)

Deke Property Group, commonly referred to as the DPG, was established in 2020 to provide housing opportunities and resources to chapters of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Since Delta Kappa Epsilon is experiencing unprecedented growth at new chapters with few alumni, the DPG is essential in helping new chapters secure competitive housing on their campus.

Outside of securing housing, DPG also serves as a resource for chapters with existing housing or preparing to secure housing. These services include budgeting assistance, lease review, creating/reviewing chapter/individual membership agreements, preventative maintenance/capital improvement consultations, etc.

If you’d like assistance with any of these areas, please contact Turner Spears at

Deke Property Group currently owns the property at Chi – Ole Miss and operates houses at Pi Alpha – University of Missouri, Delta Alpha – Auburn University, and Delta Tau – Ohio State University. If your chapter is interested in partnering with DPG on securing housing, please contact Turner Spears at

Investment Opportunities

Partnerships with Afm

Deke Property Group funds housing opportunities for chapters mainly through investments from alumni and parents. Investments can take the form of partnerships or loan agreements. For partnership investments, DPG seeks to offer a competitive return on investment similar to CD rates. Currently, the DPG is seeking investments for chapter houses at University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

For more information about investment opportunities, please contact Turner Spears at

Delta Kappa Epsilon and Deke Property Group are proud to partner with Alpha Fraternity Management as national housing partners. AFM specializes in the fraternity housing space, including property management, property acquisition, contract negotiation, accounting services, and much more. If you’re interested in partnering with AFM locally, visit

Interested in hosting a local event?

Please contact Director of Alumni Services, Craig Dick, at

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