Awards and Recognition

For Alumni: In recognition of outstanding service to the Fraternity

Each year, Delta Kappa Epsilon presents an award to one alumnus for outstanding service to his chapter. That award is called the William M. Henderson Award.

The William M. Henderson Alumni Award

This is DKE’s top alumni award, and is named for the Fraternity’s beloved, long time Executive Director, Bill Henderson, Zeta Zeta ’39. It is unique among major inter-fraternal awards in being presented not for work done at the top administrative level of the Fraternity but solely for exceptional service to an individual chapter of DKE, not necessarily the recipient’s own. The award was established in 1975, and consists of an engraved silver cup which remains the property of the recipient. The most recent winners of the Henderson Award:

2013 – Matt Blevins, Iota ’99, for service to Iota – Centre College

2012 – George N. Otey, Rho Lambda ’73, for service to Omega Mu – Oklahoma State

2011 – Matthew McQueen, Beta Gamma ’03, for service to Beta Gamma – NYU

2010 – Bill Kavan, Theta Upsilon ’92, for service to Theta Upsilon

Those applying for the award can do so HERE.

Honorary President

While DKE does not have a President (the top volunteer officer being the Chairman of the Board) the traditional title of Honorary President is still in use, and is awarded at each International Convention to an alumnus who has exhibited long standing devotion to the Fraternity and its ideals. The Honorary President presides at all public Fraternity functions and becomes an ex officio member of the DKE Board. Clinton W. Blume III, Mu ’79, has served as the Honorary President since elected Summer 2014.