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Annual Awards Process

Each year, Delta Kappa Epsilon seeks to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of its Brothers, Chapters, & Associate Chapters through a series of awards. In an effort to make the process as smooth as possible, Delta Kappa Epsilon has combined the awards process with the data collected through the Standards of Excellence Program.

To apply for these awards, each applicant only needs to click on the award application button and fill out the form.

Applications are due no later than May 7th, 2023 at 11:59PM PDT

Lion Trophy

This image depicts the Delta Kapa Epsilon Lion Trophy. It is a silver chalice with a Rampant Lion on each side.

The Lion Trophy is the highest honor that can be achieved by a DKE Chapter/Associate Chapter, and is awarded annually to the Chapter judged to be best in overall performance. The original Tiffany-designed silver cup was a gift of the Fraternity in 1894 to William Boyd Jacobs, the last surviving founder of DKE. It was returned to the Fraternity after his death in 1905 by Brother Jacobs’ daughter, and is now presented each year to the winning chapter.

A chapter must submit an application in order to be considered. Presentation of the trophy is made at the International Convention, or at another suitable occasion, and is accompanied by an embossed certificate.

Criteria: Chapters and Associate Chapters will need to complete a detailed narrative describing how they operate at a superior level in the following key areas:

  • Chapter Operations
  • Philanthropy
  • Service
  • Scholarship
  • Leadership

To Apply: Use the template provided and submit the appropriate award form.

Delta Award

The Delta Award for Chapter improvement is a specific award meant to recognize the most improved Chapter or Associate Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

DKE places a very high emphasis on improvement and progress. The Fraternity believes it should be the goal of every Chapter, no matter how new or old, large or small, weak or strong, to show improvement every year. Improvement can take many forms, whether it’s recruitment, financial strength, image on campus, relations with the school administration, participation on campus, community service, or even in chapter morale and attitude.

The award is named the Delta Award for the word “delta” has come to mean change, because D is the first letter of the Greek word “diáphor” (difference). In this case, we want to honor those chapters and associate chapters that have experienced positive change in the past year, and can demonstrate that positive change.

To Apply: Use the template provided and submit the appropriate award form.

Napolitano Award

Nick Napolitano ’10 was a loyal person who always put others before himself, a spirited young man who lived life to the fullest with no regrets, and a tremendous leader who made sure those around him always felt valued and respected. He led by example, never boasting about his own accomplishments (and there were many), and put everything he had into making a difference.

As a Psi Delta Deke, Nick was able to put his leadership skills to work. He was asked to be his pledge class president, responsible for organizing his class and setting the example. He was then unanimously voted to be Chapter President, a task that came with a lot of responsibility. Rather than simply go through the motions, he took his role seriously and worked hard to make an impact on Psi Delta.

Looking down from a rocky Rhode Island promontory 25 feet above where the Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay converge, Nick Napolitano could see Greg Minetti, a friend and Wake Forest fraternity brother, was in danger of drowning as eight-foot waves pounded the shore. Mr. Napolitano considered himself a strong swimmer, said his father, Val Napolitano of Atlanta, so he didn’t hesitate. He jumped in and managed to pull his friend to relative safety, but he lost his own life in the process.

As a testament to his leadership skills, Delta Kappa Epsilon established the Nick Napolitano Award for Presidential Excellence, which will be awarded each year to the most responsible DKE Chapter President in the Fraternity.


  • Set a strong vision for the Chapter
  • Is a transformative leader that creates measurable improvement in the Chapter or changes the trajectory of the Chapter
  • Creates the greatest impact on his Chapter
  • Is an exceptional leader with the ability to delegate and motivate others to action

To Apply: Use the template provided and submit the appropriate award form.

Blaisdell Award

This award is named after Brother Charles O. Blaisdell, Pi ’37. It is awarded each year to the undergraduate who is judged the best all-around Deke in that academic year on the basis of contribution to his Chapter, contribution to his College or University, his standing in extracurricular activities, and his standing in scholastics.

Charlie Blaisdell is one of the most consequential Dekes in the Fraternity’s history. He has served ∆KE in many ways and has held every major office within DKE. He was President of the Fraternity in the early 1970’s, which was one of the most difficult eras ever faced by fraternities. He has been President of the ∆KE Club of New York, and continued to serve on that Board until his recent passing in 2018. His career with the FBI, and then in the legal profession, was with accomplishments and successes, and he practiced law until the age of 100. Charlie was a mainstay at virtually every Deke event, especially in New York, and his spirit and enthusiasm for DKE are legendary. Every Deke who attended those events looks forward to Charlie’s rousing cheer at the end of a Lion March. In every respect, Charlie is an inspirational leader to Dekes for many decades. Naming this Leadership Award after Charlie Blaisdell assures that the recipient will always be linked in name with one of the greatest leaders ever produced by Delta Kappa Epsilon.


  • Chapter Contribution

  • College/University Contribution

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Scholastics

To Apply: Use the template provided and submit the appropriate award form.

Bryan Scholars

The Bryan Scholars program was founded in 2021 by Robert Bryan (Sigma Rho ’57) & his wife Julie.

The purpose is to help 5 young Dekes each year with $2,500 scholarships for tuition and fees at the undergraduate or graduate level. All applicants must be in good academic standing with their institutions and be full-time members, in good standing, of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Selection criteria: academic achievement; service to their DKE chapter; leadership skills and accomplishments; goals for the future; and service to their college or university.

Applications are due by May 7th, 2023.

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