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Consultant Model


University of Minnesota Phi Epsilon ’21


Washington State University
Zeta Theta ’22


Vanderbilt University
Gamma ’77

Who works with my chapter?

Alpha | Harvard

Alpha Gamma | Westpoint

Delta Psi | Indiana

Kappa Chi | Delaware

Kappa Epsilon | U. Washington

Omega Mu | Oklahoma State

Phi Rho | Penn State

Rho Lambda | U. Oklahoma

Sigma Phi | Villanova

Central Michigan

Beta | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Beta Delta | University of Georgia

Chi Beta | UNC Wilmington

Delta | University of South Carolina

Delta Rho | North Carolina State University

Epsilon Rho | Duke University

Eta | University of Virginia

Gamma Phi | Wesleyan

Lambda Tau | University of Tennessee Knoxville

Mu Chi | Maryville College

Nu Alpha | Northeastern University

Nu Zeta | Pace University

Phi | Yale University

Phi Chi | Rutgers University

Phi Mu | Manhattan College

Phi Sigma | Bryant University

Psi Delta | Wake Forest University

Psi Omega | RPI

Rho | Lafayette College

Sigma Alpha | Virginia Tech

Sigma Tau | MIT

Sigma Xi | St. Joseph’s College

Tau Alpha | McGill University

Tau Chi | Texas A&M

Tau Delta | University of the South (Sewanee)

Tau Gamma | Texas Tech

Zeta Chi | Bentley College

Zeta Gamma | Hampden-Sydney College

Alpha Omicron | University of Colorado, Boulder

Alpha Phi | University of  Toronto

Alpha Tau | University of Manitoba

Beta Phi | University of Rochester

Beta Tau | University of Victoria

Chi | University of Mississippi

Delta Alpha | Auburn University

Delta Chi | Cornell University

Delta Delta | University of Chicago

Delta Phi | University of Alberta

Delta Pi | University of Illinois

Delta Tau | Ohio State University

Iota | Centre College

Lambda | Kenyon College

Omega Omega | University of Arizona

Phi Alpha | University of British Columbia

Phi Epsilon | University of Minnesota

Phi Gamma | Syracuse University

Pi Alpha | University of Missouri

Pi Beta | Troy University

Psi | University of Alabama

Sigma Kappa | Michigan State University

Sigma Rho | Stanford University

Tau | Hamilton College

Tau Beta | Simon Fraser University

Theta Zeta | UC Berkeley

Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) is a well-known and highly respected fraternity that has been promoting the values of character and scholarship since its founding in 1844. The fraternity has a rich history and a strong network of alumni and current members, and it is committed to supporting its chapters and promoting their success.

As a DKE consultant, you are an expert in the fraternity and its operations, and your role is to provide support, guidance, and expertise to the chapters you work with. Your goal is to help each chapter achieve its goals and reach its full potential, and you do this by working closely with chapter leaders, alumni, and other stakeholders.

We are delta kappa epsilon

Delta Kappa Epsilon is one of the oldest and most prominent fraternities in North America. Founded in 1844 at Yale University, “Deke” is known for producing outstanding gentleman, leaders, and jolly good fellows.

DKE model

DKE’s Objects, our code of conduct set forth in our Constitution, asks members to strive to be useful citizens; to tolerate and respect the rights and views of all people; and to act with dignity and morality in all circumstances. DKE’s policies and educational programs further emphasize our commitment by challenging members to be better men, to embrace the values of diversity and inclusion, and to create safe environments where all members are heard and where the social and physical well-being of all individuals are protected.

Interested in hosting a local event?

Please contact Director of Alumni Services, Craig Dick, at

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