Chapter Services & Consultants

Delta Kappa Epsilon has built itself on the ideals of self-governance, transformational leadership experiences, and the advancement and encouragement of intellectual excellence. To best achieve those aims, the International Fraternity facilitates opportunities for our members to develop their leadership skills, learn from notable alumni, and work to develop their competencies as members of DKE throughout life.

Delta Kappa Epsilon’s Chapter Service’s aim is to provide top-class customer service, support, and guidance to our chapter leaders throughout North America. We operate from a member-centered approach that reaches for progress over perfection, views undergraduate students as capable to do the work of Fraternity, and strives to make data-informed decisions to best support our chapters and individual members’ development.

Through a combination of personalized contact, executive leadership sessions, and resource cultivation & sharing, Chapter Services provides support in the following areas:

  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Undergraduate leadership development
  • Harm prevention
  • Organizational management
  • Goal setting, tracking, and transfer
  • Officer Transition
  • DKE Standards
  • The History, Values, Vision, and Objects of Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Value-Based authentic leadership skills
  • Mentorship and networking for intergenerational connection of alumni and collegiate members

Meet the Team

While not all DKE Staff members are brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon, everyone on our team shares the values of building the Fraternity and its members. Our aim is to make the organization better and help ensure incoming members have a great experience within the Fraternity. We’re always looking for individuals who aim to serve the organization, its members, and the fraternal industry. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, we encourage you to submit an interest form below.

Purpose of position:

The chapter consultant is the liaison between Delta Kappa Epsilon chapters, volunteers, alumni, our host institutions and Delta Kappa Epsilon International. The chapter consultant’s first and foremost duty is to foster healthy relationships with all stakeholders of our chapters while providing coaching and guidance on chapter operations, organizational development and general Fraternity affairs. Through the objects and obligations of Delta Kappa Epsilon, the chapter consultant assists its members and the communities in which they belong through operational, administrative, leadership and organizational assessment and support.

Interested in becoming a chapter consultant?

Becoming a chapter consultant for Delta Kappa Epsilon is a very rewarding experience. Regardless of your goals in life, whether they are to make connections to develop a career, gain experience for graduate or if you simply have a desire to give back to the Fraternity by traveling for us, the position can be for you. We are always on the lookout for future consultants and encourage any undergraduate that is interested to talk to one of the current chapter consultants to find out what the job is all about.

An ideal chapter consultant should possess the following qualities:

  • Motivated: While you are working as part of the DKE International staff, field work as a consultant is done almost entirely on your own. An ideal consultant is extremely self-motivated and has the initiative to plan his tasks and get them done promptly.
  • Disciplined: The incredible amount of autonomy granted to chapter consultants mean that an ideal candidate has to be able to follow through with the goals and tasks that he sets out for himself in a manner that reflects the ritual, obligations and objects of the Fraternity.
  • Empathetic: Not many other jobs are as people-based as a consultant. Awareness of the feelings, needs and concerns of the Dekes that you will be working with is essential.
  • Social Skills: Being adaptable to any given situation is vital to the success of a consultant. As a field staff member who is always on the road, social situations change almost on a daily for a consultant, being able to handle, and more importantly thrive on this fact is an asset.
  • Flexible: This is not a standard 9 – 5 job. With a schedule that includes periods of downtime offset by long periods of travel that often include consulting throughout entire weeks, an ideal consultant understands that the workload can fluctuate greatly compared to other jobs.



  • Have (or plans to have) a degree from an accredited four-year college or university
  • Membership or familiarity with an international fraternity or sorority
  • Demonstrated leadership within the Fraternity and/or student organizations
  • Demonstrated desire for extensive (and international) travel
  • Has or is willing to obtain his passport
  • Ownership or full access to an insured vehicle
  • Ability to work independently with a self-starter attitude and attention to deadlines
  • Problem-solving skills

Preferred Desired Skills, Qualifications, or Interests:

  • Be a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Have a thorough understanding of Delta Kappa Epsilon’s objects, values and rituals


Duties and Responsibilities

Serve as Delta Kappa Epsilon’s representative as a first point of contact with its chapters, volunteers, alumni and its host institutions.

  • Report on the state of interest groups/chapters/colonies to International
  • Support the programming of the Fraternity at inter-fraternal conferences, leadership schools and meetings.


Serve as part of the operational staff at Delta Kappa Epsilon Headquarters

  • Gather and improve chapter statistics to ameliorate performance at all assigned Delta Kappa Epsilon chapters.
  • Facilitate strategic and goal-setting sessions with all parts of chapter membership. (Officers, members, advisers, university and community officials)
  • Develop resources, programs, workshops and presentations for use in their chapter-to-chapter operations.
  • Facilitate the training of all new field staff at Delta Kappa Epsilon International.


Serve as a project manager – independently developing project plans and managing their implementation according to self-set deadlines and expectations.

  • Assist with the expansion and colony development process: founding father (or re-founding, if applicable) recruitment, operations, member, adviser training and new member education.
  • Implement a variety of tasks as part of general Delta Kappa Epsilon day-to-day operations.
  • Be involved in the recruitment and hiring of potential Delta Kappa Epsilon International employees, specifically potential chapter consultants.