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Chapter Services

Delta Kappa Epsilon has built itself on the ideals of self-governance, transformational leadership experiences, and the advancement and encouragement of intellectual excellence. To best achieve those aims, the International Fraternity facilitates opportunities for our members to develop their leadership skills, learn from notable alumni, and work to develop their competencies as members of DKE throughout life.

Delta Kappa Epsilon’s Chapter Service’s aim is to provide top-class customer service, support, and guidance to our chapter leaders throughout North America. We operate from a member-centered approach that reaches for progress over perfection, views undergraduate students as capable to do the work of Fraternity, and strives to make data-informed decisions to best support our chapters and individual members’ development.

Through a combination of personalized contact, executive leadership sessions, and resource cultivation & sharing, Chapter Services provides support in the following areas:

  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Undergraduate leadership development
  • Harm prevention
  • Organizational management
  • Goal setting, tracking, and transfer
  • Officer Transition
  • DKE Standards
  • The History, Values, Vision, and Objects of Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Value-Based authentic leadership skills
  • Mentorship and networking for intergenerational connection of alumni and collegiate members


University of Minnesota Phi Epsilon ’21


Washington State University Zeta Theta ’22


University of South Carolina Delta ’22

Who works with my chapter?

Alpha | Harvard
Kappa | Miami University (OH)
Phi Alpha | University of British Columbia
Sigma Kappa | Michigan State University
Tau Chi | Texas A&M University
Theta Zeta | University of California, Berkeley
Associate | Kappa Epsilon | University of Washington
Associate | Zeta Theta | Washington State University

Alpha Omicron | University of Colorado, Boulder
Alpha Tau | University of Manitoba
Beta Delta | University of Georgia
Beta Tau | University of Victoria
Chi | University of Mississippi
Chi Beta | University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Delta Alpha | Auburn University
Delta Delta | University of Chicago
Delta Phi | University of Alberta
Delta Pi | University of Illinois
Delta Tau | Ohio State University
Iota | Centre College
Lambda | Kenyon College
Lambda Tau | University of Tennessee
Mu Chi | Maryville College
Omega Omega | University of Arizona
Phi Epsilon | University of Minnesota
Pi Alpha | University of Missouri
Pi Beta | Troy University
Psi | University of Alabama
Sigma Rho | Stanford University
Tau Beta | Simon Fraser University
Tau Delta | Sewanee, University of the South
Tau Gamma | Texas Tech University
Associate | Kappa Beta | University of Illinois, Springfield


Alpha Phi | University of Toronto (CA)
Beta | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Beta Phi | University of Rochester
Delta | University of South Carolina
Delta Chi | Cornell University
Delta Kappa | University of Pennsylvania
Delta Rho | North Carolina State University
Epsilon Rho | Duke University
Eta | University of Virginia
Gamma Iota | Gannon University
Nu Alpha | Northeastern University
Nu Zeta | Pace University
Phi | Yale University
Phi Chi | Rutgers University
Phi Gamma | Syracuse University
Phi Mu | Manhattan College
Phi Sigma | Bryant University
Psi Delta | Wake Forest University
Rho | Lafayette College
Sigma Alpha | Virginia Tech
Sigma Tau | MIT
Sigma Xi | St. Joseph’s College
Tau | Hamilton College
Tau Alpha | McGill University
Zeta Chi | Bentley College
Zeta Gamma | Hampden-Sydney College
Associate | Georgetown University
Associate | Psi Omega | RPI

Working with DKE


Serving a Fraternity as a chapter consultant is a rich and rewarding experience. This position is ideal for anyone beginning their professional career, working to build credentials for continuing education, or anyone with a passion for student growth and learning. Past consultants come from diverse educational and experiential backgrounds, and Delta Kappa Epsilon prioritizes bringing on innovative thinkers and problem solvers. Consultant takeaways include, but aren’t limited to: scheduling and logistics skills, cultural competence development, project management skill development, networking opportunities, and much more. 

Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity encompasses our undergraduate chapters and members, alumni volunteers, campus partners, and Fraternity staff. Chapter Consultants serve as the primary points of contact for these stakeholders through training, coaching, communicating, and other means of support. Consultants serve the organization by facilitating critical operational needs. Through these efforts, our consultants support the Fraternity’s mission by helping ensure the longevity of the brotherhood of Gentlemen, Scholars, and Jolly Good Fellows.

Note: This role does not operate on a typical 9am – 5pm schedule, and meetings may occur late into the evenings or early in the mornings and during weekends. Peak work periods are generally during academic semesters or quarters with periods of low activity sporadically occurring. Great for individuals who enjoy added flexibility in their work schedules.


Necessary Candidate Attributes

Self-starter: Consultants are provided wide latitude to review their portfolios, assess performance levels, and work with constituents to design projects to drive improvement. Most goals and deadlines are set individually with support from the supervisor as needed.

Results-oriented: Consultants are provided with the necessary tools to do the job with additional coaching throughout the year. Consultants will build proficiency in DKE Standards and work with chapters to increase outputs and completion toward the standards.

People-oriented: Consultants should have a desire to work directly with constituents and be prepared to respond to a variety of situations. The Chapter Services team CAREs: coaches, advises, responds, and encourages. Your ability to meet the circumstances of any moment in your comportment is critical to our success and the success of those you serve.

Creative: With a fluid work environment, consultants should be comfortable being creative in their work: approaches to challenges, logistical planning, problem solving, and so on. At DKE, we know that everyone has new ideas, and most ideas are worth discussing.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist with collecting data regarding chapter performance against DKE Standards for reporting to the Assistant Director of Chapter Services
  • Use performance data to develop and implement improvement plans with individual chapters and stakeholders
  • Collaborate with DKE Member Services staff to create and distribute chapter support resources (e.g. operations, recruitment, leadership, etc.) 
  • Maintain regular communication (calls, messaging, email, video meetings, etc.) with all DKE stakeholders in assigned chapter portfolios, including students, alumni, and campus partners and update database as appropriate
  • Support the programming of DKE at all relevant conferences, events, and other activities
  • Identify areas of chapter operations that may require remediation and report to the appropriate staff member for additional support
  • Train students and alumni in operations best practices for all functional areas of a chapter
  • Design and manage annual travel calendar for annual chapter visits
  • Other duties as assigned


Basic Qualifications

  • Conferred baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college or university at start of employment
  • Membership or familiarity with an international fraternity or sorority
  • Demonstrated leadership within a Greek-lettered and/or student organizations
  • Desire for extensive domestic (and international) travel
  • Willingness to learn new technology systems
  • Has or is willing to obtain a passport
  • Valid driver’s license and ownership or full access to an insured vehicle

Preferred Qualifications

  • Membership with Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Thorough understanding of Delta Kappa Epsilon’s objects, values, and rituals
  • Exposure to or experience with Salesforce database or similar CRM system
  • Technology and social media experience (e.g. recruiting, team support, etc.)



  • Employer-subsidized health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Retirement savings contribution match (up to 3%)
  • Tuition reimbursement based on years served
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Remote work, within proximity of a major airport
  • Fluid work schedule and flat organizational structure
  • Generous time-off policy

While not all DKE Staff members are brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon, everyone on our team shares the values of building the Fraternity and its members. Our aim is to make the organization better and help ensure incoming members have a great experience within the Fraternity. We’re always looking for individuals who aim to serve the organization, its members, and the fraternal industry. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, we encourage you to submit an interest form below.