DekeU: Convention 2020

an early morning sunrise over charlotte nc
Charlotte, NC

June 18-20, 2020

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Restore the Roar

This year’s 176th Convention will celebrate our member’s commitment to Delta Kappa Epsilon, provide opportunities for fellowship, education, and the opportunity to explore the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Delta Kappa Epsilon would like to extend an invitation to all Undergraduate and Alumni members to a once-in-an-undergrad experience at Convention 2020.  The DKE Convention is the largest event hosted by DKE, occurring only every 2 years. This year we will focus on Restoring the Roar by providing updates to our International Organization and spending time engaged with one another in meaningful conversations.

Marriott City Center, Downtown Charlotte, NC.

Hotel Event Video

Hotel Room Block Reservation Link Coming Soon

  • Identify personal affinity to the International organization through value-add educational sessions and positive experiences with members and staff.
  • Identify/establish a supportive relationship between Staff, university, and alumni to the chapter’s overall success.
  • Develop relationships with members from other chapters throughout the international organization.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of DKE values, standards, and policies.
  • Be better equipped to run their chapters.
  • Understand the difference between motivation & incentives and when/how to use each.
  • Connect with alumni through networking sessions
  • Practice personal development and values analysis through the lens of the Objects of DKE.
  • Learn or practice entry-level/identification techniques for mental health/wellness challenges facing their chapters

Thursday – DKE Then

  • The History, Values, Objects, and Purpose of Delta Kappa Epsilon

  • Ritual Recommitment

Friday – DKE Today

  • Service Learning Project with Movember

  • Personal Development through Values Alignment

  • Values-based Incentives & Motivation

  • Health & Safety Q&A

  • Meet the Dekes – Networking/communication skills


  • Chapter Finance Case Study

  • Chapter Recruitment Case Study

  • Understanding GenZ – Alumni

  • Understanding FSL Today – Alumni

  • DKE Standards

  • Allen Lutes – Housing

  • Be a Man: Masculinity in 2020

  • Mental Health Training/Conversations

Registration Information Coming Soon

The Fraternity is currently reviewing Convention during COVID-19. A decision will be made in the very near future.