COVID-19 Operations

Fraternity Operations


Many thanks to our fraternal parters, specifically Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Nu for contributing heavily to this site.

COVID-19 Email 3.11

COVID-19 Town Hall 3.24


The Fraternity is temporarily employing a restrictive travel plan for its staff with essential travel only. Fraternity staff will be utilizing both video and voice conferencing capabilities in order to provide continued resources.

Consultant Visits

Craig Dick, Director of Chapter Services, will notify organizations of the virtual consultant visit plan and schedule by March 27th, 2020.

DekeU: Convention 2020

The health and safety of our members, organizations, and volunteers is of critical importance.

The Fraternity understands that many colleges and universities have made decisions regarding current operations and future class experiences. Each day involves new information, and will cause each chapter to evaluate how it operates and what precautions to take. Delta Kappa Epsilon will persevere as it has for 175 years through financial and social upheaval, world wars, and the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fraternity is calling on our members to practice responsibility and rise to the challenge we are all being faced with during this time. Remember our objects, specifically “honorable friendship and useful citizenship”.

If your campus is under a partial or complete shutdown, all organizations should continue to adhere to campus, local, state, and federal guidance. If an individual within the organization is diagnosed with COVID-19 or another illness, follow the recommendations made by your campus immediately.

As this is a fluid situation, the Fraternity will keep this site updated as frequently as possible. If you have additional questions, please contact the Fraternity at or a member of the staff.

Directives & Guidance


The Fraternity’s primary form of communication will continue to be email to the member emails on file. It is imperative that you continue to check your email for important information from the Fraternity. The Fraternity will also continue to use our texting service and our social media platforms.

Be sure you are following our social media:

Virus Resources

It is critical that organizations and members follow the guidance of the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Regularly check their websites for the latest information.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention COVID-19 Website

World Health Organization COVID-19 Website 

Leaving Campus, Housing, & Food

Many campuses have given directives to vacate campus and associated housing. However, the option to go home for each member is not always available or safe. Our current reality is exactly why our Fraternity was created. At this time, we are calling on Brothers to support and care for one another.

No Deke is to go without a safe place to live or nutritious meals. 

  • Brothers should ensure that every Brother has a safe place to stay.
    • If safe to do so, invite the Brother to reside with you and/or your family.
    • Alumni Brothers and housing Corporations should contact area Brother Betas to offer available housing.
  • Brothers should ensure that Brothers have secure food resources. Many college students rely on campus or fraternity meals plans.
    • If your organization offers a meal plan option, work with your chef or caterer to find a safe way for Brothers to access meals.
    • Offer the Brother in need assistance via a grocery store gift card, stipend, or a reimbursement.

We ask Alumni, Parents, Friends, and Brothers who are able, to notify the International Fraternity of their ability to assist those in need by completing our COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Form. Brothers needing assistance will need to fill out the same form and simply following the prompts that apply.

Gatherings, Events, & Formals

At this time, it is recommended that all organizations adhere to campus, local, state, and federal guidance in canceling large gatherings for any meeting or event.

Your organization is advised to cancel all in-person meetings/gatherings, organization-sponsored events such as social events, brotherhood events, and philanthropy events should be considered non-essential. Consult with your organization’s advisor and attorney regarding any existing contracts for space and events. Contracts should be reviewed for any Force Majeure, “Act of God,” or other clause to determine the ability to postpone or cancel the event and to mitigate cost.

You may also submit a contract for review HERE.

Fraternity Awards & Standards of Excellence

The Fraternity is aware that many organizations are concerned as to how the reduction in operations may impact critical areas which are considered in determining annual awards including service, philanthropy, recruitment, and academics among others.

The Fraternity will be reviewing the Standards of Excellence & Awards judging process to ensure that organizations are not penalized for the disruption limited operations may cause. Submissions take 15-30 minutes and are still due on April 15th, 2020.

Submit your application HERE.

International Fraternity Fees & Assessments

Payment to the International Fraternity, including the liability insurance assessment, continue to be owed as planned.

As a result of your semesterly assessment of $70.50-$76.25, resources to our organizations are increasing, rather than decreasing, to battle the effects COVID-19 is having on our Fraternity. Fraternity staff are currently working to provide service at the highest level with consistent consulting, operational support, and resources to our organizations during this time of uncertainty.  As such, we do not believe that it is interest of the Fraternity’s health and continuation to issue any refunds at this time.  

The Fraternity has already been billed for and paid for all of our insurance products provided by Holmes Murphy that protect the Fraternity, your organizations, and our members. The insurance products we carry are a result of your $143.75 semesterly Risk Management Fee.  It’s important to note that Holmes Murphy is not adjusting our insurance bill and that everyone still has the same coverage, including access to the Member Accident Protection Plan which is supplemental coverage to your private health insurance. This should be especially important to executive boards as they continue business remotely.

As we always do, we are having budget discussions at every level of staff to ensure that we are being good stewards of member dollars.

Please consider the above information guidelines and recommendations. Note, however, these are not directives. Each organization is a separate legal entity, independently operated, and ultimately responsible for making the decisions which it believes are in its best interest.