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Delta Kappa Epsilon will persevere as it has for 175 years through financial and social upheaval, world wars, and the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fraternity is calling on our members to practice responsibility and rise to the challenge we are all being faced with during this time. Remember our objects, specifically “honorable friendship and useful citizenship”.

All of our Organizations are directed to remain operational during this time. The International Fraternity expects each Organization, at minimum, to complete the steps below. As always, the Fraternity encourages all of our Organizations to go above and beyond during this time.

General Communication & Operations

For smaller groups including executive council or committee meetings, consider Google Hangouts where up to 10 can meet via video. You can meet on demand or schedule through your Google calendar by “adding conferencing.”

For larger gatherings, Zoom offers free video conferencing for up to 100 people. Calls are limited to 40 minutes with the free version.

Find more virtual platform ideas here.

International & Local Dues

Delta Kappa Epsilon has waived late fees for March and April. All other billing has remained consistent. For more information on DKE’s billing, as well as advice on local dues policies and collection, please see the resource below.

Host Virtual Executive Board Meeting

Continue to Host Chapter Meetings
Report New Members
Complete New Member Education Virtually
Ensure New Members Complete TightRope
Perform Modified Initiation

Delta Kappa Epsilon’s intent is that no member who is currently going through the new member education process is denied membership, or that their process is extended in any way because of COVID-19. Our current directive to our organizations is that new member education is to be completed no later than May 1st, 2020 via virtual platforms.

  • Once new member education is completed, new members must take the Oath of Membership via virtual platforms. Once the oath is taken, these new members are full members of Delta Kappa Epsilon. 
  • Please see our resource on DekeUnited under HQ Docs for the modified initiation process.
Report New Initiates

New Members are to be given the Oath of Membership and reported to the International Fraternity through DekeUnited as Initiated Members no later than May 1st, 2020. Contact Mike Hilts if you need assistance. 

Complete Standards of Excellence & Awards Application

The Standard of Excellence & Awards applications are still due April 15th, 2020. The process should only take 15-30 minutes to complete. The review process is being adjusted to not penalize organizations for the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Organizations should note that extra consideration will be given to Organizations that continue to operate beyond minimum expectations during COVID-19.  

Host Virtual Executive Board Retreat

For officers who are not graduating seniors, we recommend remaining in your position for the time being for continuity of leadership.

Graduating seniors may have their elected positions voted on using SurveyLegend or Google Forms. Sign up for a free account, share the vote link with all members, and collect everyone’s vote. The whole process takes 10 minutes to set up. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Brothers are encouraged to campaign using group chats, email, and internal social media.

All positions that are appointed may be re-appointed. If an election cannot be held, please consult your Organization’s by-laws. We recommend having the highest-ranking officer appoint interim leaders until a full election may be held. Remember, if the Brother Beta position is the vacant position, the Vice President should take over the roles and responsibilities until an election can be held. If the Vice President becomes the acting Brother Beta, the Organization may hold an election for the Vice President position, or the Executive Committee can appoint an acting Vice President.

For more information or recommendations, please see the Contact & Support page to contact our staff.

Event & Formals Contract Support

Consult with your organization’s advisor and attorney regarding any existing contracts for space and events. Contracts should be reviewed for any Force Majeure, “Act of God,” or other clause to determine the ability to postpone or cancel the event and to mitigate cost.

Please consider the above information guidelines and recommendations. Note, however, these are not directives. Each organization is a separate legal entity, independently operated, and ultimately responsible for making the decisions which it believes are in its best interest.