Deke Clubs are community and city based clubs for Dekes living in the area to get together and socialize, regardless of their chapter of initiation. Dekes gathering in city based clubs dates back to 1885, when the DKE Club of New York first opened. Still open today, it is a rare survivor of the Fraternity clubs, which proliferated at the turn of the century.

Today we have several Deke Clubs all over America. Check Below to see if your city currently has one.

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Active Deke Clubs:

Deke Club of Houston

Deke Club of New Orleans

Dekes in the Loop- Chicago

DKE Club of New York

Deke Clubs coming Soon

  1. Deke Club of New Jersey
  2. Deke Club of Mobile 

Target Cities

  • The Bay Area- California
  • Los Angeles – California
  • Charlotte- North Carolina
  • South Florida
  • Atlanta- Georgia
  • Dallas- Texas
  • Calgary- Alberta
  • Toronto- Ontario

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Jim Allison speaks at Deke Club of Houston