Officers’ Academy

Delta Kappa Epsilon introduces Deke University, an international event for Chapter Officers designed to offer specialized training and networking!

Started in 2017 as Brother Beta Academy, Deke University – Officers’ Academy has expanded to include programming for the Brothers Beta, Vice Presidents of Health & Safety, & Recruitment Chairmen. You can expect to tackle real-world leadership issues in a small group environment via roundtables, panels, and practical exercises at the event. Plus, you’ll get to network with your peers from across North America and DKE Staff during the sessions and local alumni.

Event Details

When: January 14th – 16th, 2022

Where: The Westin, D.C. City Center (1400 M St NW, Washington, DC 20005)

Who: Mandatory for Brother Beta’s & Vice President of Health & Safety.

Some Chapters can send their Recruitment Chair.

How much does it cost: $450 for Brother Beta and VP of Health & Safety.

The Chapter is billed for their attendance in the Fall.

$200 for Recruitment Chairmen. The Chapter will be billed in the Spring semester.

Have questions: Contact Cody Hike

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Officers’ Academy?

Deke University: Officers’ Academy is Delta Kappa Epsilon’s premier leadership development program. Every January since 2017, we have brought Brother Betas and Vice Presidents of Health & Safety together to join in each other’s fellowship and receive top-of-the-line leadership development and officer training. The conference is built to provide large group lecture-style learning, strategic goal setting with your brothers, and breakout tracks designed to best prepare you for your officer role.

How much does Officers’ Academy cost?

Every Chapter is billed during the Fall semester for the registration fee for both the Brother Beta and the Vice President of Health & Safety. This fee is $450 and covers various things, including two nights stay at the hotel, six meals on-site, conference A/V and room usage fees, content creation, and much more! This year, we are offering a track for select Recruitment Chairmen who will get a chance to join us for their own unique Officer track. Any Chapter that sends a Recruitment Chairman will be billed $200 in the Spring semester for their attendance.

If you are driving, you will need to plan to pay the daily parking fee at $30 a day.

Who attends Officers’ Academy?

It is mandatory that every Chapter send their Brother Beta and their Vice President of Health & Safety. Failure to do so violates DKE’s Standards of Excellence program and will result in sanctions.

We are offering a Recruitment track for select Chapters; if you are interested in sending your Recruitment Chairman, please contact Cody Hike.

What if I am not one of these Officers but want to attend?

Officers’ Academy is open to all members of DKE. However, due to limited hotel space, we will need you to contact Cody Hike to let him know your interest in attending the event if you are not one of the three officers mentioned above to ensure we will have the space for you to attend!

I am an Advisor. Can I attend?

While we do not have a specific Advisor track at Officers’ Academy this year, we plan to offer Advisor training at DKE’s Convention this June in Charlotte. We will provide more information on this as we get closer to Convention.

What if I can’t attend?

If you are the Brother Beta or the Vice President of Health & Safety and cannot attend, you must submit an excuse for your absence to Cody Hike no later than December 20, 2021. If your excuse is approved, you will need to have an appropriate replacement attend in your place. For Brother Betas, we ask that this replacement be either the Vice President or Treasurer. For Vice Presidents of Health & Safety, we ask the replacement be either the Vice President or the Associate Member Educator attend in their place.

What if my Chapter doesn’t attend?

If one or both of your Chapter’s Brother Beta and Vice President of Health & Safety do not attend and your Chapter does not send a replacement, you will violate the Standards of Excellence of DKE. As a result, your Chapter will have sanctions placed on it that could include: a fine for the cost of attendance ($450 per officer), a remediation session led by a member of our staff, and other operational limitations.

What time do I need to arrive? When can we leave?

Check-in for Officers’ Academy will be from 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM Eastern Time. However, our first session will be starting promptly at 5:00 PM, so we ask that you give yourself enough time to check in to the program and their hotel room. 

The program will end around 12:30 PM Sunday.

How do I get to the hotel?

If you are driving, visit for driving directions or click on the hotel link here for more information. If you are flying, please try to fly into Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), as it is the closest airport to the hotel. Unfortunately, there is no shuttle service from the airport, and an Uber or Lyft can run from $25.00 to $40.00. If you are arriving by train, plan on arriving at Washington Union Center. It will be roughly $15- $20 for an Uber or Lyft to the hotel.

What do I need to wear?

Dress for Officers’ Academy is formal. Please bring a sports coat/jacket, collared shirt and tie, dress pants, and dress shoes for each day. Casual clothes to run around in.

What can I expect to learn?

The learning structure is split between large group and smaller officer-specific breakout groups. Our general sessions will range from keynote speakers, leadership development training, and strategic goal planning. Our breakouts will focus on the essential nuts and bolts training to ensure you hit the ground running as a great Chapter Officer!

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a laptop and a notepad to all sessions. As well, bring any recruitment, philanthropy, or general Chapter t-shirts you have extra of. Every night we will have an opportunity for a t-shirt swap, and you never know what cool shirt you may get!

Who will I be rooming with?

All Brother Beta’s and Vice Presidents of Health & Safety will be rooming with the other officer from their Chapter. All Recruitment Chairman will share a room with a fellow Recruitment Chairman from another Chapter.

What about bad weather?

The DKE International staff actively follows the weather while the program is occurring and will make adjustments to the schedule in the best interest of our participants’ safety. This may include speeding the program along to finish early or individual dismissals for special circumstances.