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Feature Stories:

  1. DKE Recruitment Recap
  2. Record Breaking Initiation 
  3. Jonathan Greathouse Nabs Napolitano Award 
  4. Western Dekes Meet at Fraternity Leadership Event
  5. DKE Staff Travel
  6. Convention
  7. Interested in Becoming a Chapter Consultant for DKE?


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DKE Recruitment Recap

DKE roughly estimated that we would get 860 new members this year, with more and more schools hosting deferred recruitments that breaks down to about 430 per semester. Due to the hard work of Brothers all over the US and Canada, DKE was able to recruit 701 in the first semester. This semester we’ve had around 243 New Members reported to us. There are another 18 gentlemen from Georgetown University which makes a total of 261, or 962 for the year.

Phi Gamma Syracuse – 14 

Zeta Gamma HSC – 6 

Psi Delta Wake Forest – 24 

Phi Sigma Bryant – 13

Phi Epsilon Minnesota – 9 

Kappa Miami – 32 

Iota Centre – 17 

Delta South Carolina – 14 

Delta Tau Ohio State – 30

Delta Chi Cornell – 12 

Sigma Kappa Michigan State – 9 

Nu Alpha Northeastern – 5 

Lambda Kenyon – 16

Record Breaking Initiation

On March 6th, Delta Tau- Ohio State had their first initiation since being revived as an associate chapter. Even as governments everywhere seem to be dropping covid restrictions, the men at Delta Tau were hesitant to gather for the initiation to take place in person. The reason? Well they initiated over 100 men at once, 107 to be exact. This makes it the largest initiation that has ever taken place in DKE History, or at least to our knowledge. The initiation took place over Zoom on the 4th and was led by Expansion Consultant Logan Nantais (Delta Kappa 21) and Ethan Woodward (Omega Omega-24) , and Teddy George (Delta Chi-24 ). 

While not perfect, online initiations are something that have had to take place over the last 24 months. They are usually a condensed version of the original and are usually later followed up by an in person one. In the case of Delta Tau, the newly initiated brothers will experience the rest of our ritual in the fall when classes resume. 

On the right are some images from this historical initiation

Jonathan Greathouse Nabs Napolitano Award

JD brought dramatic improvement in chapter finances, strengthened the dedication and performance of other officers, raised participation of brothers in community service, and sparked a rekindling of relations with Sigma Kappa alumni. As treasurer, he boosted dues collection from below 50% to 92% in the span of one semester. As president, he established an Academic and Financial Standards Board as well as reconstituting a Judicial Board. These moves reaffirmed standards for all members to maintain minimum 2.75 GPAs and to pay dues promptly. On campus, Brother Greathouse is active in MSU’s Student Investment Association and Finance Association, the IFC President’s Council, its Constitution Committee, and the Greek Fall Welcome Committee. Off campus, he is a Corporate Finance intern at BorgWarner, the Fortune 500 automotive and powertrain supplier.

“He changed the trajectory of the chapter,” says Carson Fick, president of Sigma Kappa’s alumni association and 2018 winner of the Napolitano Award. Fick notes that JD’s work with the Greek Life office, the Mayor of East Lansing, the Black Students Association and others helped “change how the university and the community view fraternities.”

Guillermo Flores, former Greek Life Advisor at MSU, concurred. “JD was a strong voice in all IFC meetings and challenged all the IFC presidents to be better. . . He has a talent that makes me hopeful for fraternity leaders around the country.”

Western Dekes Meet At Fraternity Leadership Event

Two Dekes, each of whom founded different chapters in the past year, Sami Muslmani(U Arizona) and Matteo Macro (Texas Tech) attended the AFLV Greek Leadership Conference in Anaheim on February 25th-27th and got to know each other. Another Texas Tech Deke (Tomas) was also there but is not pictured. Sami is on the left, Matteo on the right. One of our industry partners, Ashley from Phired Up was at the conference and had great feedback on Sami, who was at one of her presentations.

DKE Staff Travel this Semester

After the entire staff convened in Washington DC for Chapters officer’s academy it was time for many of us to hit the road (and the sky) again to visit our chapters. Here are all the places we’ve been so far this semester and the places we plan on visiting:

Doug Lanpher:  Delta Alpha- Auburn, Psi- Alabama, Delta- South Carolina, Beta Delta- Georgia, Pi Alpha- Mizzou, Phi Sigma- Bryant, Zeta Chi- Bentley, Phi- Yale. 

Upcoming: Tau Gamma-Texas Tech, Omega Omega – U Arizona, Kappa Epsilon- Washington, Zeta Theta- Washington State

Morgan McElroy: Beta Phi-Rochester, Alpha Phi- UofT, Sigma Tau- MIT, Nu Alpha-Northeastern, Phi Sigma- Bryant, Zeta Chi- Bentley, Phi Mu- Manhattan, Phi Chi- Rutgers, Sigma Xi-  St. Joseph’s, Nu Zeta- Pace

    Upcoming: Delta Kappa- UPenn, Rho- Lafayette, Omicron- Michigan, Sigma Kappa- Michigan State, Gamma Iota- Gannon, Lambda- Kenyon, Alpha Tau- Manitoba, Delta- USC, Delta Rho- NC State, Chi Beta- UNC Wilmington

Logan Nantais: Georgetown, Phi Alpha- UBC, Zeta Theta- WASU, Theta Zeta- Cal Berkeley, Sigma Rho- Stanford, Delta Tau- Ohio State, Kappa- Miami

Upcoming: Alpha Omicron- CU Boulder, Delta Phi- University of Alberta, Kappa Beta- University of Illinois-Springfield, Sigma Alpha- Virginia Tech, Tau Chi- Texas A&M

Dustin Stewart: Mu Chi- Maryville, Lambda Tau- Tennessee, Pi Beta- Troy, Georgetown 

Upcoming: Beta Delta- Georgia, Psi- Alabama, Delta Alpha- Auburn, Chi- Mississippi, Tau Delta- Sewanee  

Turner Spears: Tau Chi- Texas A&M, Kappa-Miami, Delta Tau- Ohio State, Lambda- Kenyon.

Interested in Becoming a Chapter Consultant For DKE?

Deke is looking to hire chapter consultants for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. Serving a Fraternity as a chapter consultant is a rich and rewarding experience. This position is ideal for anyone beginning their professional career, working to build credentials for continuing education, or anyone with a passion for student growth and learning. Past consultants come from diverse educational and experiential backgrounds, and Delta Kappa Epsilon prioritizes bringing on innovative thinkers and problem solvers. Consultant takeaways include, but aren’t limited to: scheduling and logistics skills, cultural competence development, project management skill development, networking opportunities, and much more. 

Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity encompasses our undergraduate chapters and members, alumni volunteers, campus partners, and Fraternity staff. Chapter Consultants serve as the primary points of contact for these stakeholders through training, coaching, communicating, and other means of support. Consultants serve the organization by facilitating critical operational needs. Through these efforts, our consultants support the Fraternity’s mission by helping ensure the longevity of the brotherhood of Gentlemen, Scholars, and Jolly Good Fellows.

For more information and to submit your interest form, visit www.dke.org/chapter-services, or submit your interest form now.

Assistant Director of Chapter Services

Convention 2022

This June we will be hosting our Convention in Charlotte, NC. Convention will be held at the Charlotte Marriott City Center and will run from Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 12, 2022. We would love to see as many people as possible join us for a wonderful celebration of Brotherhood, Fraternal bonds, and so much more this summer! We will provide updates throughout the coming months including the price of attending and all of the great activities we have planned! You can find more information and follow along here on our website.

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