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Feature Stories:

  1. Convention
  2. Chapter Officer’s Academy
  3. Record Break Initiation
  4. DKE Canada- University and College Fund Relaunched
  5. Jonathan Greathouse Nabs Napolitano Award
  6. Stock Giving


  • How you can save on Insurance as a Brother of DKE

All Dekes Welcome at Convention

This June we will be hosting our Convention in Charlotte, NC. Convention will be held at the Charlotte Marriott City Center and will run from Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 12, 2022. We would love to see as many people as possible join us for a wonderful celebration of Brotherhood, Fraternal bonds, and so much more this summer! We will provide updates throughout the coming months including the price of attending and all of the great activities we have planned! You can find more information and follow along here on our website.

As an Alumnus we would love to have your input on convention, please click below to fill out the quick survey


Chapters Officer’s Academy

Speaking of International DKE events, Chapter Officer’s Academy was held in person for the first time since January 2020. This year our officers returned to Washington DC from January 14th to 16th. Despite the fact that Omicron was surging around the country, and caused some to have to cancel at the last minute, COA was well attended with brothers from all over in attendance. You’ll get to read all about it in the Spring Quarterly.

Record Breaking Initation

On March 6th, Delta Tau had their first initiation since being revived as an associate chapter. Even as governments everywhere seem to be dropping covid restrictions, the men at Delta Tau were hesitant to gather for the initiation to take place in person. The reason? Well they initiated over 100 men at once, 107 to be exact. This makes it the largest initiation that has ever taken place in DKE History, or at least to our knowledge. The initiation took place over Zoom on the 4th and was led by Expansion Consultant Logan Nantais (Delta Kappa 21) and Ethan Woodward (Omega Omega-24) , and Teddy George (Delta Chi-24 ). 

While not perfect, online initiations are something that have had to take place over the last 24 months. They are usually a condensed version of the original and are usually later followed up by an in person one. In the case of Delta Tau, the newly initiated brothers will experience the rest of our ritual in the fall when classes resume. 

On the right are some images from this historical initiation

DKE Canada- University and College Fund Relaunched

DKE University and College Funding Inc. was incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act on June 28, 2012 for the following purposes:  “To advance education by providing scholarships, bursaries, awards and other forms of financial assistance to students currently enrolled in a college or university in Canada.  To provide and operate non-profit residential accommodation and incidental facilities exclusively for undergraduate students of low or modest income currently enrolled in a college or university in Canada.”  Unlike the Deke Foundation, the Charity can provide tax receipts for donations received to provide and operate non-profit residential accommodation on Canadian campuses.  The entity was incorporated through the efforts of Brothers Drew Gilmour (Phi Alpha-The University of British Columbia) and Grant Burnyeat (Phi Alpha-The University of British Columbia)  The first Directors were from each of the Canadian Chapters of the Fraternity. Doug Lanpher the Executive Director of the Fraternity also served as a Director. Through the efforts of Ryan Ackers (Alpha Phi- The University of Toronto) a new Board of Directors is now in place and expanded activities of the Charity are being planned.

Activities include soliciting Canadian Dekes for donations to support scholarships, bursaries, awards and travel assistance to Deke International Conventions and Leadership Conferences for undergraduates as well as support for university housing projects.

Joining Brothers Akers, Burnyeat, and Lanpher on the Board are Brothers Jason Cooper (Delta Phi – The University of Alberta), Andre Despins (Delta Phi- The University of Alberta), Andrij Haraasymowycz (Alpha Phi – The University of Toronto), Adam McLeod (Phi Alpha- The University of British Columbia, Freddy Rawji (Beta Tau- The University of Victoria) and Ed Sluga (Alpha Phi – The University of Toronto) as well as  Craig Dick (Phi Alpha- The University of British Columbia) who is the Director of Alumni Services of the Fraternity.

Jonathan Greathouse Nabs Napolitano Award

Jonathan D. Greathouse, Sigma Kappa ’22, has been named winner of the 2020-21 Nick Napolitano Award. The award recognizes the best president among Delta Kappa Epsilon chapters and is named in memory of Nick Napolitano, Psi Delta-Wake Forest ’10. As Brother Beta, Nick served his chapter well, lived life to its fullest, and drowned while saving the life of a fellow Deke in the summer 2011. 

Brother Greathouse, who often goes by JD, is an economics major who served his chapter at Michigan State as secretary and as treasurer, then assumed the president’s role beginning in spring 2021. 

He set a strong vision for the chapter then proceeded to take action to see it become reality. He guided course corrections in its culture, camaraderie, and the engagement of all members, internally—and earned respect and recognition for DKE on campus and in the wider community.

JD brought dramatic improvement in chapter finances, strengthened the dedication and performance of other officers, raised participation of brothers in community service, and sparked a rekindling of relations with Sigma Kappa alumni. As treasurer, he boosted dues collection from below 50% to 92% in the span of one semester. As president, he established an Academic and Financial Standards Board as well as reconstituting a Judicial Board. These moves reaffirmed standards for all members to maintain minimum 2.75 GPAs and to pay dues promptly. On campus, Brother Greathouse is active in MSU’s Student Investment Association and Finance Association, the IFC President’s Council, its Constitution Committee, and the Greek Fall Welcome Committee. Off campus, he is a Corporate Finance intern at BorgWarner, the Fortune 500 automotive and powertrain supplier.

“He changed the trajectory of the chapter,” says Carson Fick, president of Sigma Kappa’s alumni association and 2018 winner of the Napolitano Award. Fick notes that JD’s work with the Greek Life office, the Mayor of East Lansing, the Black Students Association and others helped “change how the university and the community view fraternities.”

Guillermo Flores, former Greek Life Advisor at MSU, concurred. “JD was a strong voice in all IFC meetings and challenged all the IFC presidents to be better. . . He has a talent that makes me hopeful for fraternity leaders around the country.”

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