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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access

DKE’s Objects, our code of conduct set forth in our Constitution, asks members to strive to be useful citizens; to tolerate and respect the rights and views of all people; and to act with dignity and morality in all circumstances. DKE’s policies and educational programs further emphasize our commitment by challenging members to be better men, to embrace the values of diversity and inclusion, and to create safe environments where all members are heard and where the social and physical well-being of all individuals are protected.

Our Process


The International Fraternity is committed to doing the right thing. We are determined to be intentional about creating systemic change within the Fraternity. To that end, we will not rush to statements, programs, or activities to “fix”.


The International Fraternity will convene its Board of Directors and a working group to digest the information gathered, and to develop an action plan for the Fraternity.


The International Fraternity and key Volunteers will implement and execute on the action plan developed by the working group and approved by the Board of Directors.



Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity collected data from a survey on diversity, equity, inclusion & access and as referenced in our recent statement, we encourage all members – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. – to complete the survey so that we get a full spectrum of opinions.

The survey results are being used to assist the Staff and Board of Directors in their work as well as other considerations for our organization (such as education, chapter support, and member retention).


Delta Kappa Epsilon is aiming to create a plethora of new learning resources for membership over the next year. Through the data from the membership survey, feedback from various campus partners, and other fraternal organizations DKE will be sure to include aspects of the diversity, equity, inclusion, & access work throughout in-person events, online learning, and resources provided to the membership. DKE has included online education for all new members on Inclusive Practices and will ensure this is a key component of the onboarding process of new members into the organization.

DEIA Committee

DKE has finalized the selection of its new Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access Committee. To learn more about the committee and the members, please read our media statement HERE. Additionally, a description of the committee, its charge, and its composition can be found HERE.


We define diversity as the aspects of identity that differ between individuals. Diversity includes both identities that an individual is born with and those that someone may take on throughout their lifetime. These aspects can include disability and different ability, education, gender identity and gender expression, national identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, viewpoint, and socioeconomic status, but diversity is not limited to these characteristics alone.

We define equity as ensuring that our day-to-day actions, events, policies, and procedures are tailored to fit each individual member so all Brothers have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Delta Kappa Epsilon equally.

We define inclusion as an environment that affirms the essence of all individuals through identity, experience, and acceptance. An inclusive environment is one where all people feel engaged, supported, and empowered.

The awareness of, and opportunity for, potential members and others to understand and enjoy the respect and dignity of being a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon and the support provided to ensure access to the full benefits of membership.