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DKE Convention

Delta kappa epsilon convention

A DKE convention is an annual gathering of members from different chapters of a fraternity organization. The purpose of the convention is to bring members together to discuss and vote on important issues facing the fraternity, elect new leaders, and attend educational workshops and networking events. The convention also provides an opportunity for members to build relationships, share ideas, and celebrate the fraternity’s history and traditions. Conventions are typically hosted by the national headquarters of the fraternity and are attended by undergraduate members, alumni, and representatives from each chapter.

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Keynote Speaker


Dave has been a major player in the development of the furniture and textile showroom industries in North Carolina. He’s served as the CEO of various firms he has started, an influential supporter of the Special Olympics, North Carolina’s successful Secretary of Commerce, and the U.S. Ambassador to Estonia, appointed by fellow Deke George W. Bush.


James Blue, a seasoned, award-winning television executive, is Head of the Smithsonian Channel and Senior Vice President of News and Documentaries within VIACOM/CBS’ MTV Entertainment Group. In these roles, James oversees the development of some 150 hours of documentary and informational programming.