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New Member Education

dke new member education

It is not an exaggeration to say that the New Member Education Period is often looked back on as the best part of a ∆KE’s university career. The camaraderie, the education, and the life skills acquired during the course of Delta Kappa Epsilon’s New Member Education Process not only shape who we are as ∆KEs, but who we are as men.

What is a New Member Education Period?

For those unfamiliar, a New Member Education Period is the period of time after receiving a Bid Card before being a fully initiated member of a fraternity. For most fraternities, this period lasts up to a few months, varying fraternity to fraternity and year to year. Think of it as a probationary period, where a fraternity and a Prospective New Member (PNM) may acquaint themselves more intimately, to be really sure its a good fit. After all, a fraternity is more than just four years; it’s for life.

We are delta kappa epsilon

Delta Kappa Epsilon is one of the oldest and most prominent fraternities in North America. Founded in 1844 at Yale University, “Deke” is known for producing outstanding gentleman, leaders, and jolly good fellows.

DKE's New Member Education Process

Delta Kappa Epsilon’s New Member Education Process is an essential part on the road to becoming a full member of Delta Kappa Epsilon with all the rights and privileges that offers. Throughout this process, prospective members acquaint themselves with the history and traditions of our illustrious fraternity, as well as the values we pride in ourselves and propagate into the world.

As defined by Article V, Section II of the ∆KE Constitution, the qualifications for membership of an eligible student shall be:

“good standing in the work of the curriculum; excellence in scholarship being a worthy recommendation; high moral character; general affability and consideration for the rights and views of others; courteous deportment; a gentlemanly and self-respecting spirit; an active and energetic character; and an appreciation of the objects and principles of DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, coupled with a capability and desire to be loyal thereto.”

Locally, the Phi Alpha chapter requires PNMs to be actively enrolled students at the University of British Columbia, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, and possess the qualities of a gentleman, a scholar, and a Jolly Good Fellow.

As a PNM of Delta Kappa Epsilon, you will be assigned a ‘Big Brother’ within the fraternity, to act as a guide and mentor throughout the probationary period. A Big Brother is your direct line to the fraternity, and the bond between Big Brother and Little Brother is one that will hold well beyond your years. A Big Brother is a confidant, a friend, a study partner, a teammate, and a life coach.

Delta Kappa Epsilon’s PNM education process consists of one 1.5-hour meeting on Wednesday evenings. This meeting is mandatory, so that a PNM  has the opportunity to learn more about the Fraternity and to get to know his PNM Brothers and the Active Chapter better. Outside of this, there are a multitude of events a PNM may choose to attend, including Social Exchanges with sororities, parties, weekly study sessions, philanthropic events, sports leagues, and more. While not required, these optional parts form a core part of the ∆KE experience, and PNMs are strongly encouraged to enrich their experience and attend. A fraternity like ∆KE embodies the concept “you get out what you put in” insofar as the more involved you are, the better your experience.