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Recruitment Bootcamp

Recruitment Program

Recruitment is the lifeblood of the Brotherhood. Many problems in a chapter can be traced back to poor recruiting. It is important to have a strong year-round recruitment strategy that attracts men who exhibit the values of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Relying solely on one method (ex: social incentives) to recruit people can be a dangerous habit to fall into. In case you need some ideas to jump-start your efforts, here are some recruitment resources.

We are delta kappa epsilon

Delta Kappa Epsilon is one of the oldest and most prominent fraternities in North America. Founded in 1844 at Yale University, “Deke” is known for producing outstanding gentleman, leaders, and jolly good fellows.

Recruitment Support

In an effort to provide ongoing recruitment support to all of our chapters and associate chapters, we will be hosting tri-weekly Recruitment Town Hall meetings. These gatherings will present a wonderful opportunity for members to learn more about relevant recruitment tips and tricks and connect with other chapters who may be experiencing similar challenges or obstacles. If your chapter has excelled during recruitment, this is your chance to share that experience and inspire your brothers from another campus!

Each Recruitment Town Hall meeting will be driven by a specific recruitment topic. We will facilitate discussion and share relevant resources during the first 30 minutes of each meeting. Then, during the last 30 minutes, members will have time to ask questions and share ideas with other chapters. These meetings are open to all members of all DKE chapters and associate chapters, and we highly recommend that Recruitment Chairs and members of Recruitment Committees make an effort to attend these meetings.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for a future Recruitment Town Hall meeting, please fill out this google form: DKE Recruitment Town Hall Topic Suggestion 

If you’d like to stay up to date on the latest Recruitment Town Hall information, follow our Growth Consultant on Instagram @dke_growthconsultant. You will also have the opportunity to vote on which topics you’d like to address in future meetings via social media polls.

These tri-weekly meetings will take place on Wednesday evenings at 7pm CST. The spring / summer schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, March 31st @ 7pm CST | Topic: Building a Names List

  • Wednesday, April 21st @ 7pm CST | Topic: Summer Recruitment Strategies

  • Wednesday, May 12th @ 7pm CST | Topic TBD

  • Wednesday, June 2nd @ 7pm CST | Topic TBD

  • Wednesday, June 23rd @ 7pm CST | Topic TBD

  • Wednesday, July 14th @ 7pm CST | Topic TBD

  • Wednesday, August 4th @ 7pm CST | Topic TBD

  • Wednesday, August 25th @ 7pm CST | Topic TBD

You may join all Recruitment Town Hall meetings using this Zoom link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 838 5197 0809

If you have any questions, you may contact our Growth Consultant, Rainey Lynch, at

Possible Scenarios:

Has your school announced its plan for the spring? Even if they have made plans, plans can change, so it would be wise to prepare for multiple scenarios. 

Here are some of the possible scenarios you should plan for: 

  1. Everything is back to normal in the spring, except it’s not (impact mental health, the economy, university enrollment, etc.) 
  2. Your school opens as planned but social distancing continues
  3. A hybrid model where some classes are in person while other are virtual 
  4. Online programming in the spring with a fully virtual recruitment

Some changes that organizations should expect to see regardless of the scenario in the spring: 

  • Incoming and active members may not have access to their normal, on-campus jobs meaning members and potential new members will have less money for the social aspects of collegiate life.
  • Incoming and active members’ families will likely have suffered some sort of economic hardship.
  • Incoming and active members’ families may have suffered the loss of a loved one due to Covid-19. Be mindful of how you address Covid-19 in social settings and at recruitment events.
  • Fraternity events such as Meet the Greeks, House Tours, or Formal Recruitment that usually take place for incoming students to be introduced to Fraternity life on campus may not take place. So prepare to be proactive when it comes to finding potential new members to recruit.

Due to today’s circumstances, your organization’s budget will probably shrink, meaning recruitment budgets will shrink as well. Large Fraternity recruitment events will also likely not take place. So NOW is the best time to review your recruitment calendar and determine how appropriate and effective each of your recruitment events will be.

The consensus across the Fraternal world is that recruitment will to some extent have to take place virtually. This is especially true when it comes to getting our name out to incoming students. Covid-19 has forced us to rethink how we market ourselves as an organization 

Social media:

It’s time to update that website, make new videos, post photos, and gather written testimonials from brothers and alumni about their experience in Delta Kappa Epsilon. Our best way to to show our presence while socially distancing is over the internet, more precisely by populating social media feeds. Why not create a video of members or local alumni sharing some of their stories that revolve around DKE? Or perhaps what DKE meant to them? A great example of some social media content can be found by clicking here. This video was put together by Zeta Theta-DKE at Washington State University.

Growing your following on social media:

You want to make sure your social media is telling a story, photos of new member classes in front of the house aren’t going to interest Potential New Members. Testimonials from chapter members or alumni, chapter accolades, photos of members participating in community events and intramural sports will. It’s great if you have this content but if it’s only friends of the chapter that are seeing this content it won’t grow your names list. PNMs will not see your content unless they are specifically searching for DKE. Without spamming, you’ll want to share and post in the class of 2024’s Facebook page to raise awareness of your group. Another option is to find your school’s orientation handle on instagram, and see if you can partner with them. Get creative! For example, offer to take photos of different points of interest on campus with members of your chapter wearing letters and tag them in the posts. 


Delta Kappa Epsilon has partnered with Techniphi to provide all of our chapters with Chapterbuilder pro. If you’ve been to one of our recent educational events like Officers’ Academy or Convention you’ve likely seen this product demonstrated. Chapterbuilder is CRM (Client Relationship Management) technology geared specifically towards recruitment of fraternity and sorority members. Not only does Chapterbuilder enable you to evaluate PNMs virtually, it will generate referral forms for you which can be linked to your Instagram or website. If you are the Recruitment Chair it will allow you to communicate directly with PNMs virtually via chapterbuilder’s texting service. If your chapter has not logged in a while please contact Dustin Stewart at and she will make sure your chapter has access to the platform. If you would like to see all the features of Chapterbuilder demonstrated to you, you can click here to request a demo, or you can simply contact your chapter consultant.

Are you a parent or an alumni who would like to recommend a potential new member to one of our Delta Kappa Epsilon chapters or associate chapters? Are you a potential new member that would like to learn more about the DKE chapter or associate chapter on your campus? Fill out this form so that we can get to know you better!