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Estate Planning

The Deke Foundation is committed to strengthening our Brotherhood and Bonds in every manner possible, particularly in a year we know has been difficult for many. And it is in that spirit that we announce a new partnership with FreeWill, a collaboration designed to help keep your loved ones and your assets safe and secure.

In this partnership, the Deke Foundation is pleased to offer a free resource that you can use to easily create an estate plan online, making a will that supports your family, legacy, and values. As a plus, this process only takes about 20 minutes and is legally valid in all 50 states.

Many people put off creating a will because they think they don’t need one, or because the process can seem overly complicated or costly. In fact, the majority of Americans over 55 do not have a plan in place. But the truth is that everyone needs a will, no matter your age or circumstances, and now is the perfect time to get started. FreeWill is an easy, no cost way to explore your options for protecting your legacy—perhaps for the first time, or to revisit plans you may have already put in place.

Furthermore, by leaving a gift to the Deke Foundation in your will, you will automatically join the 1844 Society with all of our other legacy donors and be included in our 175th Brotherhood and Bonds Campaign. If you already have left DKE or the Deke Foundation in your will, please reach out to Jim Gray at to be included as well.