Finance & Insurance

Chapters and Associated Chapters that utilize resources to structure their financial management, systems, and operations are much more likely to prosper. Similar to small businesses, chapters have expenses, income, and stakeholders that are paying for a service. To support our chapter’s ability to provide a structured budget, answer memberships questions about billing, and to ensure our membership experience is meeting our standard, we have attached several resources for leaders to use in their Chapter’s financial management.

This page is designed to help simplify chapter finances for treasurers and alumnus finance advisors to answer questions or provide resources that may help guide your chapter’s finances.

Fraternity Fees Calculator

Select the location for fee calculation.
Enter the number of active members in the fraternity.
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Check this box if the fraternity has any outstanding chapter debt.
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Alpha Fraternity Management

Alpha Fraternity Management is a property management and financial services organization specializing in:

  • Property Management
  • Property Acquisition
  • Dues/Fees Collections
  • Financial Services

DKE has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with AFM, including a national property management and an administrative services agreement. Please visit for more information.

Crowded Banking

DKE is excited to announce a new banking partnership with Crowded, a financial technology company specializing in fraternities that offers one platform to store, collect, and spend chapter funds. This is an optional service, but one we think solves a lot of the problems officers face every year, such as the hassle of transferring officers on/off the account, filing annual tax returns, and controlling expenses. Their services include:

  • Digital Visa® debit cards for members
  • Mobile app and web portal
  • Fully digital officer transitions
  • ACH for vendor payments
  • DKE branded debit card
  • Easy dues collection

If your chapter is currently bankless, without a dues collection system, or just looking for a change, we recommend you look into Crowded. Opening a Crowded account is simple, and setup can be completed in minutes. To open a banking account please schedule a time here or for more information on the Crowded partnership, please contact

Please consider the above information guidelines and recommendations. Note, however, these are not directives. Each organization is a separate legal entity, independently operated, and ultimately responsible for making the decisions which it believes are in its best interest.