Become a ForeverDeke Donor:

Has DKE been a “forever” experience for you? Especially because of the lifelong friends you made?

When you think back to college days, was your experience at your chapter one of the best aspects of college life for you? The friends, the good times, the sense of belonging and lifelong bonds you forged with brothers?

For me and most of the Dekes I know, and I hope for you, DKE was not just a 4-year experience. It was an experience that will last forever. As our motto says, “friends from the heart forever.”

If that’s true for you, please donate to the Deke Foundation’s new annual fund named the ForeverDeke. With your donation: 

  • You can DIRECTLY support your chapter by allocating 50% of your donation to it
  • You’ll help undergraduate brothers by funding scholarship programs, mental health resources, leadership education, job networking, and other support they need as individuals and as chapters to make the most of their experiences.
  • Your name will be listed in the donor section both online and in the Quarterly
  • Your donation is tax deductible 
  • You’ll receive all 4 issues of the Deke Quarterly

DKE has had to adapt to many of the social changes occurring, but what has not changed is the essence of the DKE brotherhood and bonds that our students still enjoy. Undergraduates still benefit from friendships, connections, and the leadership skills they get from being Dekes.

This year, your support is more important than ever, as our undergraduates are having to rebuild after a very difficult year. All of us at Deke HQ are focused on helping our chapters get a new beginning. Your donation in our annual Fund is a direct investment in the young Dekes who are following in all of our footsteps. Please help them out by giving all that you can

Thank you for your support.

In the Bonds,

Doug Lanpher

President of the Deke Foundation

Thank you to our ForeverDeke Donors:

Al Bienvenu Zeta Zeta 1970 Cyril Melville Zeta Zeta 1962 Jovan Marjanovic Phi Gamma 1989 Steven Balthazor Theta Upsilon 1991
Andrew Fellows Theta Chi 2016 Daniel Heldring Kappa Epsilon 1999 Kahlil Day Delta Chi 1980 Ted Alpaugh Zeta Zeta 1977
Andrew Fenstermacher Gamma Iota 2015 Daniel Sweat Iota 2018 Kevin Zweier Psi Omega 1996 Tony Kurlas Iota 1993
Anthony Apro Iota 1979 David LeClair Sigma Rho 1984 Larry Blaschuk Phi Alpha 1975 Turner Spears Lambda Tau 2016
Anthony Arias Gamma Phi 2014 Donald Lambert Zeta Zeta 1980 Michael Garton Iota 2010 Walter Smith Gamma 1984
Arthur Moure Omega Chi 1986 Forrest Billington Theta Upsilon 2016 Michael Peters Delta Delta 1990 Wilbur Reynaud Zeta Zeta 1970
Bernie Panetta Tau Lambda 1968 Jeff Bean Gamma Phi 2003 Paul Masinter Zeta Zeta 1983 William Pennington Sigma Alpha 1978
Bill Kavan Theta Upsilon 1992 Jeff Richardson Psi Delta 1987 Rich Poidomani Rho Beta 2002 William Pope Alpha Tau 1968
Brad Montrose Lambda Tau 2016 John Lange Zeta Zeta 1986 Robert Dunbar Phi Chi 1972 Zachary Haas Beta Gamma 2007
Charles Williams Zeta Zeta 1980 John Lapeyrouse Psi 1979 Scott Conrad Gamma Iota 2016
Chris Miller Lambda Tau 2018 John Vide Epsilon Rho 1985 Sean McCabe Beta Phi 1991
Clay Swindell Gamma 1974 Jonny Wright Tau Alpha 2016 Spencer McManes Phi 2017