Give All You Can to Benefit Your Chapter and All Future Brothers

Brotherhood & Bonds! Think about that. Isn’t it what we took away from the Deke House and still cherish today? These bonds are incredibly strong and meaningful.


We are in the quiet phase of a 175th Anniversary campaign entitled “Strengthen Our Brotherhood & Bonds—Now and Forever.”

We are asking for your financial support in the way of gifts and pledges. The money will accomplish three goals we care deeply about:

  • Strengthening our local chapters through educational programs;
  • Keeping our international fraternity strong and growing to give future brothers what we had; and
  • Working to preserve fraternity life in the face of relentless attacks on our campuses, in our news media, and in our statehouses.

These are our responsibilities as alumni.

DKE strong and DKE forever!

Please give and pledge all you can. Two innovations will make that easier for you.

  • Gifts are tax deductible for the first time because we now have the Deke Foundation.
  • Second, you can allocate up to 50 percent of your gift for your chapter’s educational programming.  These include leadership training, drug and alcohol education, mental health services, career education, and academic incentives such as scholarships and financial awards for academic achievement.

The 175th Anniversary begins June 22, 2019. That is when we will have a huge celebration at the DKE Club in New York. At that time, we will announce the “Brotherhood & Bonds” campaign, going public with significant gifts having been committed already.

Brothers, just as you’ve stepped up for your lifelong friends from your chapter, now’s the time to step up for DKE.