Start a Chapter

Looking to Start a Colony?


Process to Start a Chapter

  • Create an Interest Group

    It’s great that you're interested in starting a chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon! You cannot do this alone, of course. An interest group is a group of students who want to start a chapter on your campus. Try to find 15-25 other men who share your interest in taking on this endeavour. Not sure where to find these men? What about the friends you already have? What about the men in your dorm section? What about men in your classes or men in other clubs that you are already involved with?

  • Apply with HQ

    Once you have an established interest group, it’s time to apply to with us. Please fill out the categories below, and someone from our staff will get back to you shortly.

  • Become a Colony

    After we reach out to you, we will contact your host institution to see where they stand on accepting new fraternities on their campus. From there you will likely receive a visit from a DKE staff member. If all goes well we will invite you to apply to be a colony. This is a short application that require all members of your interest group to contribute.

  • Show willingness to become chapter

    Once you are granted colony status, it will be time to focus on your goal of receiving your charter. Receiving your charter is what makes you a chapter instead of a colony. The expectation is that your colony will apply for its charter in 1.5 to 2 years. During this time you will need to meet our chartering requirements. Once these requirements are met you will be invited to apply to become a chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

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