The Will, the Skills, the Tools

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Any chapter can be successful at recruitment if it possesses the three elements I refer to in the title of this blog.

First, the chapter has to have the WILL to recruit and grow their chapter. Everyone has to want to recruit a great new class of men and reach the growth goals the chapter has decided on. That means it’s important for all members to be willing to work hard, to “buy in” to the chapter’s recruitment goals, and to participate fully in as much as they possibly can in all recruitment activities. EVERY Brother is responsible to the chapter to contribute to the recruitment program. (Hint – it’s not the job of the Recruitment Chairman to do it all, no matter how good he is.)

Second, successful recruiting requires SKILLS. And I’m talking about skills that can be learned, honed, improved. Most of us are not born as great recruiters.  Think of one of your chapter Brothers who is a successful recruiter. Why is he so good? It’s because he possesses certain skills that make him a great recruiter – he may be great at meeting people, great at asking questions, great at listening, he may be fearless at meeting new people, he may be great at making appointments and asking prospective new members to come by the house; he may be great on the phone. I know some of those things may be part of his innate personality, but make no mistake, they are still skills that he works at and tries to improve. Stephen Curry may have been born with a certain innate athletic ability, but he is also one of the hardest practice players of his generation. Innate skills can be refined and improved. Now what about those of us to whom it doesn’t come naturally? Does that mean we’re hopelessly unable to contribute to recruitment? Absolutely not. We can learn skills, practice them, and get good at them. Maybe not as great as the recruitment gods of your chapter, but I believe that anyone with the WILL can learn the SKILLS to succeed. Is it hard work? Sure, harder for some than for others, but it’s worthwhile not only for the chapter but also for the individual member.  Try to think of a recruitment skill that won’t also come in handy in other aspects of life. DKE’s Chapter Consultants are very good at teaching the skills you need to succeed in recruitment.

Third, to reach maximum effectiveness, a chapter needs the right TOOLS to manage their recruitment program. Successful recruiting must be well organized, with good record-keeping, and systems to keep people accountable. And a good tool also enables you to keep in touch with your PNM’s consistently. You can build your own, or use the tools created by companies who exist to help fraternity chapters grow. My favorite is ChapterBuilder, by techniPHI. If you haven’t gotten a demo of this great tool, contact me or your Chapter Consultant. techniPHI offers a free version with tons of helpful features, and a paid version with even more capabilities. DKE HQ will sponsor the paid version of ChapterBuilder for one year, for any Deke Chapter who is interested and who can demonstrate that they’ll use it effectively.

So that’s my outlook on recruitment – if your chapter has the WILL to succeed and grow, DKE HQ can help with the SKILLS and the TOOLS. Any chapter can succeed if you commit to it.

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